Links to eReader and eBook Information


A live link version can be found at http:// ((TBD))



Learning about eReaders and eBooks


  • The eReader Party Presentation is a great way to learn the basics about eReaders and eBooks. Presented as a PDF with live links.


  • A link regarding all things eReader related.



  • A link with a good comparison chart of many eReaders and tablets.



Sources for buying and downloading eBooks and free eBooks


  • A collection of links to eBook sites. Presented as a PDF with live links.


  • A sampling of other links for purchasing eBooks. Most of these sites also give you access to public domain (free) eBooks.


Amazon Kindle Store


Barnes & Noble


Google eBooks


Kobo eBooks







Borrowing eBooks from libraries

To borrow eBooks from a library, you will need the free Adobe Digital Editions program. Here’s a FAQ to it.


  • Here are step-by-step instructions for installing ADE. Under step 6 of installation, be sure to select “authorize computer” so you can read borrowed eBooks on multiple devices, not just the desktop or laptop you D/L it to.


  • Another library eBook resource is the Ohio eBook Project. Here is a link to member libraries. If you cannot or do not want join any of the member libraries, all Ohio residents can join the State Library of Ohio.


  • This is the direct link to the Ohio eBook Project


  • Kentucky’s version of the Ohio eBook Project



Don’t want to buy an eReader, but want to read eBooks? Here are links to desktop and laptop software and some other handheld devices for reading eBooks. You can always get an eReader later. Or not, with this software.


Nook software. For PCs, Android, various Apple products.


Kindle software.






Sony eReader software

PCs and Macs: